Give us a hand

Asian Contemporary Arts Consortium San Francisco is a membership-based organization. Please contact us for details if you or your institution are interested in becoming a member of ACAC-SF and support us.




Align with a cutting-edge event

ACAC-SF organizes events that connect various institutions in the Bay Area. You and your institution will be invited to be part of the programs, therefore with the opportunity to align with a prominent collective force in this ever-expanding field.


As the first organization of its kind in San Francisco and the Bay Area, ACAC-SF connects with every member in the community. By joining ACAC-SF, you and your institution immediately expands the association and networking capacity with other curators, artists, designers, connoisseurs, critics, galleries, museum, and collectors in the field.

Intensive Media Exposure

ACAC-SF coordinates a comprehensive marketing campaign that includes the following efforts:

  • ADVERTISEMENTS in major arts publications. Design and distribution of posters, save-the-date cards, program brochures and invitation cards both in digital and print formats. We also conduct outreach through regular e-mail blasts.
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS OUTREACH to domestic and international press agents, critics and publications through a consolidated list of contents in the media.
  • THE ACAC-SF WEBSITE represents the activities in the field. We adds exciting news and information to make the site an ongoing, dynamic, engaging and informative resources for all individuals active and interested in Asian contemporary arts and design.

Desirable Demographics

ACAC-SF is formed with the mission to attract broader groups of audiences from diverse backgrounds.

Your Partnership

Involvement in ACAC-SF gives you and your institution the opportunity to participate, exhibit and promote programs of Asian contemporary artists and designers in the field, building a stronger base of collectors and audiences.