ACAC-SF Projects

ACAC-SF Project is a special program organized by the consortium. Providing both financial and promotional support, ACAC-SF Project aims to facilitate the critical discourses in contemporary Asian context through the collaboration with local artists and designers.

DIY Corporate Conference Swag

Imin Yeh
In continuation of her long-term engagement in destabilizing the clich├ęd cultural and political myths, ACAC-SF has commissioned San Francisco based artist Imin Yeh to create a limited edition project entitled DIY Corporate Conference Swag to kick off the launch of ACAC-SF. During the fair hours, the visitors will be invited to join and make their own conference souvenirs which are composed of a pen and pencil set, a bottle opener keychain and a mug. DIY Corporate Conference Swag humorously comments on our fetish in producing and collecting kitsch objects as souvenirs in cultural and commercial events. By replacing the mass manufacturing process with labor-intensive handcrafting, the making of these objects designed by Yeh again questions the conflict nature of what does it mean by having an "authentic experience."